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Hello. Welcome to our web-site. We are not a real casino. We are an entertainment casino party business, renting casino equipment and providing dealer services, specializing in all kinds of poker events. Our main service is to bring a mobile poker event to your location.

Texas Hold’em poker tournaments are all the rage. Great as a fundraiser for your charity, or an event for your company party. Also, a single-table event for birthday parties or a small group on game night.

Here’s how a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament works for a business or company – we would bring the Texas Hold’em tables, dealers, chips, cards, dealer buttons, cut cards, a tournament director if needed and chairs ( I only have enough chairs for the smaller events). You would supply the players, your employees, customers, sales reps, vendors, friends, etc. These would be your guests, the players in the tournament. Entrance into the tournament would be free. You, the Host, would supply prizes to the winner or winners. This type of an event is usually referred to as an employee appreciation party.

We will be glad to provide a poker tutorial on Texas Hold’em to the participants before any event starts.

A bit about me – for many years I was a poker dealer in two different San Francisco Bay Area cardrooms, now referred to as casinos. I am proficient in all poker, including: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, High-Low Split, Seven Card Stud, etc. Also, I have had a little experience with three card poker from the country of India, sometimes called Teen Patti.

Having worked in the casino party industry for some years, I am well aware that value, quality, courtesy, integrity and goodwill are the order of the day.

Another type of Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament is what I call a “Round Banquet Table Poker Tournament.” With this type of poker event one does not use the standard oval Texas Hold’em poker table that seats nine players plus the dealer. This event would use rented round tables and linen tablecloths, rented from a party rental store. There is a price savings here. They deliver and pick-up. This type of event is good for a small group. In a five table event such as this, the players deal for themselves. I would be the tournament director, floorman, chip changer and problem solver. I would deal the final table and call the action. We would provide the tournament chips, cut cards, dealer buttons and two decks of cards for each table. This style of poker party works quite nicely.

We are a State Certified Gaming Provider. All our equipment is top notch. Remember, our service area is the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Modesto, Tracy, Stockton and Sacramento.

Thank you for visiting our website. For more information or to inquire about scheduling an event, please give me a call: 408 – 833 – 5197.